The College Awareness Program

HBCU College Recruiter Gives Personal Review About CAP College Night

Stillman College Recruiter Shambria Davis.

On Monday, September 28, 2015, CAP held its 23rd Annual College Awareness Night at St. Benedict’s Catholic Church in Oakland, CA. Over 125 people  filled the intimate social hall. Several high school students were in attendance to learn about higher education opportunities from local colleges and universities. Many historically black college and university alumni and recruiters were present to provide admission information. Stillman College Admissions Recruiter Shambria Davis attended the college night, “I had the distinct honor and privilege to be a part of the College Awareness Program on behalf of Stillman College as a recruiter and I must say I am thoroughly pleased with the program. Mr. and Mrs. Provost has such an amazing organization that captivates the true essence of empowering and encouraging high school juniors and seniors to attend college,” said Davis.

The college night is held annually every fall. For more information, please contact



The College Awareness Program

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