Zubida O. Bakheit

High School: Encinal High School
University: Johnson C. Smith University, Charlotte, NC class of ‘2011

First, I would like to give the highest honors and credit to Mr. Don Provost for the College Awareness Program and for providing the opportunity for students in the West Coast, specifically California, with the opportunity of a Collegiate Education at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. I remember it was April of my senior year at Encinal High when Mr. Provost came to our college and career center recruiting for the College Awareness Program. I was taking a test and was not able to attend. However, my sister was present and shared the information with me. Before I knew it, my mother gave my entire tax refund to Mr. Provost for the 2006 tour and I was on the way to visit the East coast for the first time!

Johnson C. Smith was truly an experience. I had the opportunity to fully immerse myself in the epitome of the diversity within the African American culture. The professors, diversity of education and perspective, strategically advantageous location of the university and many other factors worked in tandem to create an amazingly outstanding experience. Not to mention, little sister joined me at JCSU, excelled and completed her bachelors in 3 years. JCSU allowed both of us to strengthen my weaknesses and allowed me to shine as a student academic and leader. Some of the greatest accomplishments there included first and firstly graduating Cum Laude with a duel degree in Finance and Economics, co-founding the International Club, membership in Tau Beta Sigma, National Honorary Band Sorority, and representing JCSU and California at the U.S. Department of State and abroad in the Middle East and West Africa.

After graduating, I moved back to DC and am gaining experience in development work at the Department of Transportation and will pursue a masters in International Development.