Zubida O. Bakheit
High School: Encinal High School
University: Johnson C. Smith University, Charlotte, NC how to write a good persuasive essay class of ‘2011

First, I would like to give the highest honors and credit to Mr. Don Provost for the College Awareness Program and for providing the opportunity for students in the West Coast, specifically California, with the opportunity of a Collegiate Education at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. I remember it was April of my senior year at Encinal High when Mr. Provost came to our college and career center recruiting for the College Awareness Program. I was taking a test and was not able to attend. However, my sister was present and shared the information with me. Before I knew it, my mother gave my entire tax refund to Mr. Provost for the 2006 tour and I was on the way to visit the East coast for the first time!

Johnson C. Smith was truly an experience. I had the literature review opportunity to fully immerse myself in the epitome of the diversity within the African American culture. The professors, diversity of education and perspective, strategically advantageous location of the university and many other factors worked in tandem to create an amazingly outstanding experience. Not to mention, little sister joined me at JCSU, excelled and completed her bachelors in 3 years. JCSU allowed both of us to strengthen my weaknesses and allowed me to shine as a student academic and leader. Some of the greatest accomplishments there included first and firstly graduating Cum Laude with a duel degree in Finance and Economics, cofounding the International Club, membership in Tau Beta Sigma, National Honorary Band Sorority, and representing JCSU and California at the U.S. Department of State and abroad in the Middle East and West Africa.

After graduating, I moved back to DC and am gaining experience in development work at the Department of Transportation and will pursue a masters in International Development.

Simone Bayfield
Hometown: Oakland, CA

* Graduated from Castro Valley High School
* Graduated from Johnson C. Smith University in 2008   with a degree in Business Marketing
* Lives in Los Angeles, CA
* Works for L’Oreal

Luke E. Blueford
Hometown: Oakland, CA

* Graduated from St. Elizabeth High School in 2005
* Graduated From Stillman College with a degree in Mathematics in 2011
* Currently attending San Jose University and will graduate in 2013 with a Masters in Electrical Engineering

Shena Gordon
Hometown: Oakland, CA

* Graduated from St. Mary’s High School in 2007
* Graduated from Stillman College with a degree in History in 2012
* Currently resides in Oakland, CA and will pursue Masters in the near future.

Kai-Alexis Harris
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Kai will be attending Queens University of Charlotte in early 2015. She chose Queens not only because of its charm but because it’s small size and location in a large city.
She looks forward to spending the next four years of her life in Charlotte. In her spare time she enjoys reading, crocheting, and spending time with her family

Imani Mapp
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
College: Stillman College
Major: BS in Psychology
Expected Year to Graduate: May 9, 2015

The College Awareness Program offered me options. It was helpful for a student like myself who was quite sure what to do or where to go after high school. Overall, the program helped me branch out from California, which has allowed me to network and make contacts that will last a lifetime.
After graduation, I plan to attend graduate school to pursue a BSN and MSN.

Jade Mapp
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
College: William Peace University
Major: English
Expected Year to Graduate: May 2, 2015

Making my decision of joining the College Awareness Program solidified a gateway to countless opportunities and a newfound perspective on what it means to achieve. After graduating high school, I felt as if my options were limited.

With the help of CAP, I entered a new world of open doors beyond my academic expectations.  I am now a Junior in college and have experienced chances of a lifetime through internships abroad, extracurricular activities and student leadership skills.  Learning at a historically Black College has also broadened my view on being successful as a people. I couldn’t imagine a more life –guiding path to graduation without my experiences as a young Black scholar. My future depends on my journey through achievement and those who I bring along with me. I take part in counting on those who motivated me from the College Awareness Program, as they were the first to bring me along with them.

Sherice Nelson
Hometown: Oakland, CA

* Graduated from Holy Names High School in 2005
* Graduated from Stillman with degrees in English and History in 2008
* Graduated from UDC with a degree in Public Administration in 2015
* Currently attending Howard University pursing her PhD in International Relations and Political Science and will graduate in 2015

“Although the trip was many years ago, I truly enjoyed how much of a family we became that week. Some of us had never been out of the state and it was an excellent opportunity to see that life was so much bigger than Oakland, CA. The trip solidified why I wanted to attend Stillman College.” – Sherice Nelson

Maurice Williams
Hometown: Oakland, CA

* Entered CAP in 2003
* Graduated from Stillman College with a BA in History, in 2007
* Attended Pepperdine University in 2008, Graduating with a MA in Public Policy in 2010
* Since 2011, Attended the University of Southern California to earn my Master of Arts in Teaching (With Credential), to become a high school History Teacher