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Montclair Presbyterian Church Hosts CAP Information Brunch

cap boardOn Sunday, April 12, 2015, the Montclair Presbyterian Church, Oakland, CA held an information session brunch on behalf of The College Awareness Program. Directly following the church service, members of the congregation and local community were invited to learn more about CAP and its programs.

The Montclair Presbyterian Church is one of the local congregations in the Bay Area that has supported CAP since the 90’s with donations. “It’s important for us to get out into our communities to share our mission. Additionally, financial support is essential to the sustainability of our programs; we are all volunteers and rely on donations and contributions from supporters.” –Lorraine K. Provost, CAP Co-founder.

CAP and Stillman College alumni Chad Provost and Catamera Bobino were present. CAP Board members in attendance included: Traci Harris-Dudley, Marilyn Stovall Bobino, Aumont Phipps, Jean Gregory, and co-founders of the program: Don and Lorraine Provost. Other CAP team members included: Lance Kennix, Joewoen Gregory and Judy Gallardo-Kennix.

If you would like to host a CAP information session, please call 510-569-3864 or send an email to

The College Awareness Program

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